Transportation Defense

A Strong Defense in Transportation Matters

Transportation losses often involve catastrophic injuries. Having counsel skilled in the investigation, litigation and trial of catastrophic cases is an absolute necessity. While many lawyers and law firms boast about defending transportation claims, few have actually tried catastrophic transportation claims to verdict. There is a big difference between having experience “handling” transportation claims and actually trying one to a jury. Diepenbrock & Cotter LLP has that experience.

When businesses and their insurers are involved in lawsuits, two of the biggest concerns are controlling costs and fees and reaching a satisfactory resolution of the lawsuit. Some businesses and their insurers want to settle quickly and maximize control of costs and fees; others want to aggressively defend and possibly try their cases for the best possible resolution. Often a balance of the two approaches is the most appropriate.

Defense in Transportation Claims

Trucking Work

We represent trucking companies and their insurance companies in transportation defense claims. We have an in-depth understanding of the federal and state motor vehicle regulations. Our experience also takes us a long way. We know the subtle nuances of the law and have vast experience dealing with motor carrier laws. Our experience in the courtroom with these types of claims helps us obtain good results for our clients.

Ambulances, Paratransit and Bus Defense

Transporting passengers, patients, the elderly and disabled involves special challenges under the law. When the need to defend claims involving the transportation of individuals arises, it is important that you have counsel that is familiar with the unique laws and circumstances of this specialized industry.

Railroad Defense

We have almost 60 years of experience defending railroad companies against crossing accidents and claims filed under the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA).

Maritime Defense

We defend claims and lawsuits against boat owners and operators, marinas, harbors, boat and manufacturers arising out of a multitude of events, including collisions and other events occurring on inland and navigable waterways.