About Diepenbrock & Cotter

Our Firm: Experienced, Aggressive, and Ethical

When litigation, insurance, and business matters are being resolved, one of the first things people ask about is the bottom line. Is this an appropriate solution to our problem, and is this an appropriate price? When you work with the attorneys at Diepenbrock & Cotter, LLP, your answer will likely be, "Yes."

Since our firm was founded in 1999, we have been committed to helping clients and insurers find effective solutions to their legal problems. We provide personal injury and insurance defense to companies throughout California, and we help them address their litigation concerns. Please call 916-565-6222 to learn more about the representation our lawyers offer.

Responsive to Client Needs

Our team of attorneys offers a broad range of legal services to businesses and insurers. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide high quality services in a timely manner. We will always keep you informed about any changes in your case. Because we are up front about our fees, there are never surprises when the bill comes.

We are committed to helping our clients and insurers meet their business needs. In insurance defense matters, we carefully review all the documents and sift through claims, checking for correct information. We provide aggressive representation with goals of preserving policy aggregates for our clients and controlling costs and fees for their insurers.

We are not a firm that is interested in "churning" files. We never create work for our clients just to put money in our pockets. We know what needs to be done to effectively resolve a matter, and that is what we do. Schedule a time to discuss your matter by calling 916-565-6222.