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Anthony R. Rossmiller

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Anthony Rossmiller has worked at Diepenbrock & Cotter since November 2004, defending clients large and small, and is the firm’s longest-tenured full-time attorney other than John Cotter. Anthony has extensive experience in the courtroom and especially enjoys legal writing/law and motion practice. He has done just about everything imaginable from the civil defense side, including trials, summary judgments, depositions, and mediations.

Anthony is passionate about his clients and helping defend their business interests. He constantly looks for the “big picture” in complex litigation and strives to balance the need for a vigorous defense of his clients with an economical approach to his cases. A “people person” through and through, Anthony believes in maintaining communication with both his clients and opposing counsel throughout the pendency of a lawsuit. Anthony has successfully represented numerous corporate clients, including United Parcel Service, Union Pacific Railroad, Kiewit Construction, Praetorian Insurance Company, Hudson Insurance Company, National Continental Insurance Company, and Horace Mann Insurance Company, amongst others.

Anthony was born and raised in Moline, Illinois. The only son of an Army Engineer, he was raised with a Midwestern and Army work ethic that has served him to this day. A Catholic School guy for life, Anthony graduated with highest honors from Alleman High School in Rock Island, Illinois in 1994, matriculating at his dream school, the University of Notre Dame. After making the difficult decision to leave Notre Dame for a year to study abroad in Angers, France, Anthony graduated from Notre Dame with honors in 1998 with a double major in Government and French. Seeking a reprieve from Midwestern summer and winter weather, and wanting to further explore the West, Anthony attended Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, California. After a 2-year legal clerkship with the Katz, Huntoon, Fieweger and Doak firm in Illinois, Anthony graduated law school in 2001. After passing the bar on his first attempt, he worked from 2001-2004 at the prestigious Bay Area defense firm Clapp, Moroney et al., gaining invaluable experience in civil defense litigation. Seeking a return to a more Midwestern-oriented lifestyle, Anthony became enamored with the Sacramento area and moved there in 2004 when he joined Diepenbrock & Cotter.

Anthony’s other passion is his family. He spends all the free time he can with his wife, Christine; son, Jack; and daughter, Claire, his true raison d’etre. Anthony is invested in the community, frequently volunteering his time coaching youth sports. Anthony also serves on the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Advisory Commission. An avid sports fan, Anthony continues to suffer while Notre Dame endures its 30-plus year National Championship title drought. But he remains faithful.

Anthony will continue to bring his down-to-earth, common sense approach to difficult litigation problems and looks forward to continued success defending California businesses and individuals in an ever-increasing litigious society.